Prayer Encouragement - 5th April 2021

What a wonderful week to be called to prayer. Unlike the disciples whose emotions and understanding may have been all over the place, as well as the risen Jesus we have the blessing of hundreds of years of testimony to God’s continued goodness, faithfulness and immense unconditional love for us. He calls, equips us and can already see our victory. Amazing!

How can we thank Him enough, or praise Him enough? How wonderful that as we praise our spirits are lifted: praise and worship move things and with intercession nothing is impossible.

Take some time to listen to a song called ‘Behold Him’ by Paul Baloche ft. Kim Walker-Smith:

“Jesus, Son of God, Messiah The Lamb, the roaring Lion Oh, be still and behold Him Jesus, Alpha and Omega Our God, the Risen Saviour Oh, be still and behold Him…”

As you press into worship, the Lord may lead you to pray for His church to overflow in greater and purer praise and wonder for Jesus and to become the fulness He created her to be. This extract from the book ‘Let Us Praise’ by Judson Cornwall may help you as you do this:

“Some years ago, the Lord spoke to me and said He felt it was time for me to see my inner self as He saw it. I pleaded with Him not to give me the revelation at that time. I felt it would completely devastate me. He was most insistent and more against my will than with the cooperation of that will the Lord began to describe me.

I will never forget the experience. For more than an hour the Lord spoke of the way the Godhead saw me. He described ministries I had not yet come into. He spoke of inner qualities I know I do not possess. He described my motivations as He saw them, my mannerisms, my methods, and my ministries. After a lengthy period of hearing, I interrupted the flow of the Spirit by protesting that this certainly was not a description of me. He must have someone else in mind for the picture He had painted bore little resemblance to the Judson Cornwall I had lived with for half a century.

His reply to my protest was ‘My son I have been describing you as We see you, for We are looking at the blue-print of your life. As a master architect sees the building completed as he looks at the drawings, so We see the finished product from the beginning. As you see yourself, you are only the excavated hole in the ground with the footings poured in and some reinforcing in place. Everything around you seems to be in disarray. But We see you complete in Christ and have described you as you shall be in Him ‘Hallelujah.’ "

When Jesus comes for His church, He is not coming for a worn out, beaten down, decrepit aging bride He has to sneak out in the dark of night because of shame. The scripture says He is going to come for a church that is glorious – without spot or wrinkle or blemish or any such thing. Does that fit with your present observation of the church? How then can the change be effected? He is cleansing the church, changing the church, and conferring beauty on her. He will present the bride unto Himself in the form he desires Her to be. As she praises Him, He changes her. What a persuasion to praise. Every look in the mirror should motivate us further to praising the Lord!

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