Prayer Encouragement - 1st March 2021

This week the Lord has been drawing us to meditate on Isaiah's throne room encounter:

Here we see that in a time of national insecurity amidst the King’s death, prophetic visions, throne room encounters, conviction of sin and a desire for holiness increased. We are also in a season of national and global shaking; what a time for many to see and acknowledge the power and holiness of our God! You may want to join us in praying that believers and unbelievers alike would encounter Him and His holiness in radical ways at this time.

Lord, let our eyes be open to see You as You really are, holy and awesome in power. Help many in our city and nation to recognise that You are enthroned, and You are holy! Lead us to join with all of heaven in worshipping You. Lord, make Your people holy as You are holy, help us to reject sin and choose You in this time. You are worthy, God.

Blessings from the House of Prayer Team!

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