Prayer Encouragement - 17th May 2021

This week we would love to encourage you to speak and pray in tongues. Paul says in 1 Corinthians that we should eagerly desire spiritual gifts and that anyone who speaks in tongues speaks not to people, but to God.

Acts 2: 1-4 says this:

When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking in tongues, be encouraged to ask the Lord to begin to lead you into that gifting and press in deeper in prayer with him.

Thank you for the gift of tongues and for sending us your holy spirit. Help us grow in the gifts that you have given us and develop our spiritual giftings in a biblical and pleasing way. Holy Spirit enable us to speak in foreign and heavenly languages as you did in this passage with the disciples. It is an amazing thing to be able to speak in a way that is only to you and we thank you and praise you, God, for making a way for us to do that. Help us delve deeper into your presence in prayer and use the tools you have given us this week Lord, as we spend time seeking your face and declaring your will.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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