SOZO Testimonies!

"Since having my SOZO session my life has changed dramatically!  I'm seeing more visions, especially for other people, and trusting those visions are from God. God has been confirming they are from Him too. 

It's like the fear of man and self consciousness has  broken - I'm really not worrying what people think of me! I'm more bold! people are recognising the change in me and the new level of authority I'm walking in. Also, my prayer devotion time and love for God has grown!"

"I would highly recommend a SOZO, it really is for everyone! It’s a safe place in which you hand over to God: hurt, pain... anything. It’s so freeing! Thank you God."

"I felt very uplifted and had a real sense of peace and freedom regarding certain hurts I had held onto. I feel I can move on."

"My SOZO was wonderful, it provides a beautiful and peaceful space to walk through issues."

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