September 2016

Fresh Vision for House of Prayer


For the last few months at the House of Prayer we have felt God stirring us to seek Him afresh for the vision and future of St Cuthbert's. 


For the last couple of years we have followed a regular weekly pattern; opening 9-1pm during the week alongside a regular prayer rhythm each lunchtime. But as we have prayed and listened to the Lord over the last few months we have felt God leading us to bring that to an end and move towards something new.


For that reason we have taken the decision to close the House of Prayer for a time. Partly this is to give the team space - we intend to spend this time in prayer and worship, in seeking the Lord and asking for His guidance for the future. But also because we feel God is leading us to make some significant changes to our rhythms of prayer and worship, and to shift what it means to engage and be involved with the House of Prayer. It therefore feels right to close our doors whilst we make this transition.


For those who would like to book or pray in the House of Prayer we appreciate that this could be quite frustrating, we therefore thank you for your understanding - and would greatly appreciate your prayers for wisdom and discernment. We feel this a hugely significant moment in the life of St Cuthbert's House of Prayer, and already have a sense of anticipation for the future. The changes we will make will be moving us in a new direction, and we hope lead to a far greater move of prayer and worship for our church and city; moving from focusing our efforts around a building and instead towards building and establishing a vibrant praying community at the House of Prayer. However, we do want to be sure not to rush this process, ensuring that we devote the necessary prayer and energy into this time we have together as a team - so in advance we thank you for your patience!


We intend to keep you all updated over as this progresses so please keep an eye out for that.


Finally, for those who are part of The Belfrey, please be aware that there will be one exception to this closure, as Dynamic Prayer will continue to meet at St Cuthbert's.






November 2016

House of Prayer Open

New Rhythm


As many of you will be aware we have spent the last few months as a team at the House of Prayer praying and seeking the Lord for the future of St Cuthbert's. You can read more on what led us to take that decision in the article below this.


This has been an incredibly fruitful time of hearing from God. We are sensing a fresh impetus to press into the vision God has given us. We remain committed to being a place and people devoted to seeking God and prioritising intimacy and encounter with Him. For much of our time together God has been confirming this as our core and most significant purpose. However, two other themes have emerged. First, the need to persevere in praying for a fresh move of God in our city and across the North. And second to commit to a renewed emphasis on the Word of God.


Encouraged by this time together we feel better equipped and prepared to enter this new season, and so are delighted to be able to reopen the House of Prayer. This will be under a completely new model, of which you can read more of here.  We believe God is asking us to be more intentional as a House of Prayer, and to focus on three emphases: encounter, revival and the Word of God. The changes we have made reflect this. Please respond to this with us by joining us to seek, grow and persevere in prayer together.


Our desire is to see the House of Prayer, and indeed our whole city, overflowing with worship and prayer, and we believe the changes we will be making over the next few months will provide a strong foundation for growth and the development of this vision.


Do keep checking this website and social media for updates. Currently, the new model outlines 6-8 hours of prayer together per week. Once this is established, we hope to begin the next stage early next year.